Sunday, October 28, 2007




The Trashmen - Surfin' Bird

The Trashmen-Henrietta

The Trashmen - We belong together

The Trashmen - Green Onions

The Trashmen - Hava Nagila

Robert Gordon - It's only make believe

Robert Gordon - Lover Boy

Robert Gordon - Drivin' Wheel

Robert Gordon - Take me back

Robert Gordon - But But

Robert Gordon - Are you gonna be the one

Robert Gordon -So young

Robert Gordon - I'm dreaming of you

Robert Gordon - Heartful of soul

Robert Gordon - My babe

Robert Gordon - Something's gonna happen

Robert Gordon - Someday someway

Robert Gordon - Just Because

Di Maggio Brothers - The nickname of the game

Di Maggio Brothers - Every breath you take

The Di Maggio Connection - The Wildest Game

The Di Maggio Connection - The Ticket

Darrel Higham & The Enforcers - Blue Swingin' Mama

The Wild Goners - Do me no wrong

The Wild Goners - Space Rocket Bop

The Wild Goners - Cool lover man

The Wild Goners - Wee Willie Brown

Ronnie Nightingale & The Haydocks - Nobody Knows

The Reno Brothers - Six days on the road

The Reno Brothers - Knock down drag out

Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers - Gettin' my kicks

The Corwood Draggers - Simmer down

Charlie Hightone & The Rock-It's-Dead end track

Charlie Hightone & The Rock-It's - We did

Little Neal & The Blue Flames - Why you need a proof?

Ballroom Rockets - Red Cadillac & A Black Moustache

Hot Wire - Highway Patrol

Hopped Up - Hot Car Girls

The Moonstompers - Highspeed Daddy-O

The Domestic Bumblebees - Let's rock and roll

The Domestic Bumblebees - High School Confidential

Lil' Esther & Her Tinstars -Love that man

Lil' Esther & Her Tinstars - My heart gets lonely

Jerry King & The Rivertown Ramblers - She's a devil's child

Jerry King & The Rivertown Ramblers -Price of love

Daryl Haywood Combo - Bankrobber

Dusty Chance & The Allnighters - Tell me

Dusty Chance & The Allnighters - Delirious

The Jumpcats - Flyin' Saucer Rock & Roll

John Lindberg Trio - Living Too Fast

Simon Crashly & The Roadmasters - you can't catch me

Mad Fred & The Maniacs - Be bop baby

The Lazy Jumpers - Cobo's Hop

Fabulous Ottomans - You really got a hold on me

Fabulous Ottomans - Shake,shout & soul

Wau & Los Arrrghs!!! - Girl coge mi cosa

Friday, October 12, 2007


El Bop Street Club estaremos en la nueva sala Excuse Me el próximo viernes 16 de noviembre,sobre las 3 de la mañana y hasta las 8 y pico,horario after hours para trasnochadores. ALEX BOP STREET JAVI MONREAL VIERNES 16 DE NOVIEMBRE EXCUSE ME SALA ZENIT AV BLASCO IBAÑEZ 111 Para los que vengáis,sabed que la sala Excuse Me es la sala pequeña de la sala Zenit de la av.Blasco Ibañez